What are the features of Live Birds Just Map Me?

Just Map Me enables you to…

  • let your friends know where you are.
  • know which of your friends are around.
  • see how far your friends are away from your current location.
  • create hangouts directly on the map to meet friends for example in a pub or café and see how far they are away from it.

On what devices Just Map Me is available?

Just Map Me is available on Google Play. So you can use it with all Android devices.

Who can see your current location?

Only friends that are on your friends list can see your current location if you are in online mode. Go to the friendslist to switch on/off the live tracking function for selected friends. This lets you control who can see your current location anywhere and anytime.

When can friends see your current location?

You decide if and when your friends can see your current location. If you are in the Online Mode (ONLINE), your friends can track you live. If you are in the offline mode (OFFLINE) no one can track you live.

Online Mode:
Click on OFFLINE to switch to the online mode. Your friends can then track you live.

Offline Mode:
Initially, after starting the app, you are in the offline mode. Your friends can not track you live.
If you are in the online mode, click on ONLINE to switch to offline mode.
Note: If you are in the offline mode you can still track your friends live.

Please feel free to contact us (service@justmapme.com) if you have any questions.